Become a Reseller

Reselling is referred as selling brand new products. However you do not need to create/ manufacture the products on your own. You are only selling products that are already manufactured!

That said, reselling is not limited to a single category of products, you can sell any product from any category.

If you are a handicraft lover and can vouch for hand made products, can understand different patterns, love of art take can take you places.

We have below options for resellers

-> Online reselling : If you are running online business on market places i.e. Amazon, Meesho, ebay, etsy and looking for unique inventory to cater your customer we can help you build your unique brand. Please contact us with your details and our team will be happy to help you.

->Reseller - Dropshipping : If you are selling on online platforms like Instagram, facebook, whatsapp etc and looking for an inventory support with direct shipment of your orders to your customers. In this you do not have to manage inventory and your only lookout is selling/ marketing of products.

->Home boutiques / Shop Owners : If you are home boutique/shop owner and want to buy inventory stock for your outlet, you can check the our all handmade and handcrafted products to cater your customers.