The Best Ajrakh Print Kurtis for Women Who Love Ethnic Fashion

The Best Ajrakh Print Kurtis for Women Who Love Ethnic Fashion

Ajrakh print is a centuries-old technique of block printing using natural dyes. It originated in the Kutch region of Gujarat and has become increasingly popular in recent years due to its intricate designs and eco-friendly nature. Ajrakh print kurtis are perfect for women who love ethnic fashion and want to incorporate traditional techniques into their wardrobe.

Having such a tradition as part of your closet is necessary if you love unique and exciting fashion. Several aspects of these beautiful and graceful kurtis are enough to leave you mesmerized and wanting more. 

Go bold; go traditional.

Ajrakh Kurtis is the best way to satisfy your traditional taste buds in clothes. They are made using natural dyes, designed using printed blocks, and are eco-friendly. The intricate designs and patterns are visually appealing in every sense, making them stand out from the rest of the ethnic wear. What makes Ajrakh Kurtis a must to have is that you can wear them at both formal or casual occasions or even every day. They come in diversity and thus are suitable for every occasion.

Ease and comfort are the prime characteristics of this traditional clothing and a great way to support old-age craft with great cultural and environmental significance. If you are impressed with the Ajrakh print Kurtis and value tradition, sustainability, and uniqueness as we do, then below are some of the best sets of Ajrakh print Kurtis and clothes from Yellow Bells to make you love ethnic wear even more.

Mia' Ajrakh cotton short top:

While Ajrakh has a traditional design and is primarily known in ethnic wear, they have also been incorporated brilliantly into Western wear. This top is a testament to this fact. It is a classic piece with a fabulous concoction of hues narrating stories of its origin beautifully. Look closely!

"Kashish" Ajrakh cotton joggers pants:

While Ajrakh's design is beautiful on Kurtis, they are equally brilliant in joggers. They are comfortable and thus can be paired with a crop top as an even day wear. This way, you can add fashion and style to your everyday look without compromising convenience.

Kiara' Ajrakh cotton printed Spaghetti kurti:

It is indeed one of the best Ajrakh pieces in our online store. It is a great way to treat yourself to some great fashion that is equally adorable with its design. The style of the frock cum kurta offers great fitting and flows down elegantly, providing an impactful look. In addition, it also has a side pocket on one side.

Ajrakh hand block cotton handwork kurta pant set:

Go all in with this set of long straight kurta pants designed with hand block patterns and adorned with beautiful katha and mirror work patch. They are ideal for formal and casual events as the design is manageable and is always enough to suit the theme. 

Keshavi" Ajrakh hand block cotton Floor Length gown:

While kurtis look ravishing with an Ajrakh print, a gown is also worth looking at. This floor-length cotton gown has a beautiful three-layer frill pattern with a comfortable design. The dress can be your perfect companion in an outdoor venture where comfort and ease are necessary. 

Ajrakh is a beautiful design on clothes, and at Yellow Bells, we have a diverse collection of these amazing beauties. Visit us to know more.

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